Five for Fighting - Jainy Lyrics

Artis : Five for Fighting
Judul : Jainy Lyrics

Jainy sells for three dimes a night
Morning helps her find her way blind
And I love her more than I can tell
Heaven help me now
Seems I found to find her just as well¡­

Jainy yea¡­
Jainy yea

Jainy takes me three times a night
Morning saves me and I find my way blind
And she loves me more than she can tell
Heaven help her now
Seems she’s found to find me just as well

Jainy yea¡­
Jainy yea¡­

Jainy stares at stars every night
Morning takes her eyes every time
And she’ll love you more than you can tell
Heaven help us now
Seems you’ve finally found us¡­ just as well¡­

Jainy yea¡­
Jainy yea¡­

She’ll be all right
She’ll be all right

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