Michael Buble - A Song For You Lyrics (Chord)

Artis : Michael Buble
Judul : A Song For You Lyrics (Chord)


|Am9 D9| Am9 D9| Am9 D9| Am9 D9|

Am9 E/G#
I've been so many places in my life and time

(G9) F#M7b5
I've sung a lot of songs, I've made some bad rhyme

Fmaj7 C/E
I've acted out my life in stages,

F E7/A Am7
with ten thousand people watching

F C/E G13sus C E7/Ab
But we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you

Am7 E7/Ab
I know your image of me, is what I hope to be,

Am7/G Dsus2/F#
I've treated you unkindly, but girl can't you see.

Fmaj7 Csus2/E C/E
There's no one more important to me

Dm7 C/E
So darling can't you please see through me.

F C/E G7sus4 C E7/Ab
Cause we're alone now, And I'm singing my song for you.

Am7 E7/Ab Cmaj7/G F#M7b5
You taught me precious secrets, the truth with holding nothing.

Fmaj7 G7sus4 F C
You came out in front and I was hiding.

E7/Ab Am7 E7/Ab
Ooh, but now I'm so much better,

Am7/G F#M7b5
So if my words don't come together,

F C/E D9
listen to the melody, cause my love is in there hiding

| G7sus4 F | E7b9 |


| Bbm7 | F7/A | Bbm7/Ab | Gm7b5 |

| F#maj7 C#sus2/F | F#maj7 Ebm9 C#sus2/F C#/F |

| F#maj7 C#/Ab | Ebm9/Ab C# F7/A |

Bbm7 F7/A
I love you in a place where there is no space or time.

I love you for my life. You are a friend of mine.

F#maj7 C#/F Ebm9 C#/F
And when my life is over. Remember when we were together

F#maj7 C#/F Ebm9/Ab C#
We are alone , and I was singing my song for you

F#maj7 C#/F Ebm9 C#/F
And when my life is over. Remember when we were together

F#maj7 C#sus2
We were alone, and I was ………..

Ebm9/Ab Bbm9 Eb9
Singing my song for you

| Bbm9 Eb9 |

| Bbm9 Eb9 | Bbm9 Eb9 | (8x)

| Bbm9 Eb9 | Bbm7 ||

Am9: 5X5557 C#: x4666x
D9: X5455X
E(7)/G#: 4xx45x
F#M7b5: 2x221x
Fmaj7: 1x221x
C/E: xx201x
E7/A: x0010x
Am7: 5x555x
G7sus4: 353533
C: x3555x
Dsus2/F#: x57755
Csus2/E: 035553
Dm7: x57565
D9: x5455x
F: 133211
E7b9: x7676x
Bbm7: 6x666x
F7/A: x8108108
Bbm7/Ab: 4x666x
Gm7b5: 3x332x
F#maj7: 2x332x
Ebm9: x6466x
C#/F: x8666x
Ebm9/Ab: 46466x

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