Vertical Horizon - Forever Lyrics

Artis: Vertical Horizon
Title: Forever Lyrics

Take these roses off of me.

Let me live and let me be

for a little while.

Let my eyes see everything and nothing in their time.

I do not mind.

Who'd have guess that I'd have learned

to let the walls around me burn

and light up the hillside?

My words,

I ate them for so long

and nothing changed.

It was just the same.

And I dont' know if you see me here,

but I can tell you your face is clear.

I will see you forever, forever

I will you see you forever, forever

Pull me close once again.

Call me teacher call me friend.

Just like the first time.

Call my name.

It echoes in the walls around this room.

It's all you.

I don't know if you hear me there.

When it's darkness and no one cares,

I will hear you forever, forever.

I will hear you forever, forever.

I wanted you to be everything to me.

Now I've got to learn to carry on.

I know I cannot hide

this emptiness inside.

Nothing is the same since you're gone.

Send me letters from above

Send me strength. Send me love,

such sweet love.

Sing me songs that echo in my head and in my heart.

That's where you are.

And I don't know if you feel me here.

I can tell you one thing is clear.

I will feel you forever, forever.

I will feel you forever, forever.

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